Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most, define us

Deena Kastor

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Rough Start

Tomorrow is officially the first day of training for April.  My body feels great after the marathon last week and is ready to go. The only problem is that I have been sick with a cold for the last few days and yesterday I got tired just doing the laundry.  So I am having a bit of a rough start.  The weather is perfect for running though-the air is crisp and cool, and the sky is clear-a perfect day to get pumpkins. I might try for a few miles and see how it goes.  The odd thing about running when you are sick is that it either makes you feel better or it makes you feel worse. You just have to decide whether or not to take the risk.

I did have the opportunity to watch old re-runs of  the popular 80's show"Family Ties". Does anyone remember that one? It was one of my favorite shows growing up.  I remember waiting each week for the show to come on and loving each episode. I still do. I remember wanting to be part of their family. There was alot of laughter and noone yelled at each other or punched holes in the walls.  Some people might say that a family like that is not real-a made-for t.v. family-as if its not possible for people to get along and treat one another with respect. The Keatons definitely had their problems, some of them very serious, but there was always a strong bond, or a core sense of responsibility that held the family together. As a child I felt it wasn't possible, my family was not anything like the Keatons, but I always hoped for it.  I hoped for it to be true somewhere, for someone. I want this for kids, I want them to know that it is possible, or at least to feel that they deserve to be a Keaton.


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